¡§From Gamer; For Gamers¡¨ is always the philosophy of Userjoy. There is a hero living in the mind of everyone, but the hero is oppressed owing to the reality. Hereupon, the idea, ¡§From Gamer; For Gamers¡¨, comes up, which creates the hero symbolizing individual gamers in games. This is the philosophy we follow and the faith we always hold.


Gathering talents of different specialties builds up the culture of Userjoy; enthusiasm for game and creativity drive the culture on. Being a gamer, Userjoy invents an environment to breed more talented gamers for bringing ideal interactive entertainment to the world.


Userjoy endeavors to realize their ideal in games, which always obtains consensus feedback from players and therefore is transformed into the energy to make our way forward.


Userjoy will not only emphasizes stories of oriental themes but also melt diverse elements into games or systems to introduce various contents, such as Jiue-Dai Mah-jong Online, Angel Love Online that fulfills players¡¦ dream to be a hero in a created fantasy world, and Rich of the Three Kingdoms, a card game with RPG feature integrated.

Identified as a quality online game provider

Since ¡§Holy Land Online¡¨ was introduced from 2002, Userjoy has developed 4 titles of MMOGs, which are popular with hundreds of thousand of concurrent users all over the world. Moreover, ¡§Holy Land Online¡¨ and ¡§The Twin Heroes Online¡¨ were the winners of 9 GameStar Awards respectively in 2003 and 2005.

Competitive in the International Market

Headquartered in Taiwan, Userjoy is devoted to bring unparalleled joy not merely to local players but also to global gamers. Since 2006, we have built up the cooperation with online game publishers in Thailand, Vietnam, and Japan, widely expanding our influence to overseas markets. This year, we will provide more products, which delivery multi-layer fun to much more territory.

Famous as SLG developer

Since being founded in 1995, Userjoy Technology Co., Ltd. has specialized in PC game development, and widely published various genres of games. When the first SLG ¡§The Super Hero¡¨ launched into the market, the praise from market and professional reviewer was obtained immediately and constructed the fame of brand. ¡§The Legend of Three Kingdoms¡¨ series, moreover, have gained celebrity at Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. Even in the environment flooded by piracy, this series still achieve the sales of more than 1 million copies.

Good at transplanting successful experience to all kinds of genres

In addition to SLG, UserJoy is prominent in RPG development as well. Of the noted titles of RPG of Userjoy, ¡§Fantasia Sango series¡¨ are the most famous ones, which strengthen us as a dominant PC game developer in Taiwan. ¡§Fantasia Sango¡¨ and its series also earned the attentions of the famous publisher ¡§Nihon Falcom Corp.¡¨ and soon were successfully released in Japan in Sep. 2005 and Sep. 2006.


Being a leading PC game developer, Userjoy takes a broad view in the future; there are five major directions in which Userjoy will keep focus on:

Devoted to The Global Market

Based on the experiences of licensing PC online and single-player games to Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia, Userjoy will continue to keep international standards as a target and expect us as a quality provider of digital entertainment for users throughout the world.

Game Development Across Platforms
Taking off with strong brand image, Userjoy will positively proceed to research and develop games on console platforms to explore various markets.

Development of Advanced Online Game Engine
Other than investing major resources in developing MMORPG, with the experiences of independent and cooperating operations of online games, Userjoy will ceaselessly strengthen the features of our 3D engine for higher performance of game implications.

Introduction of Casual Game Platform
For supplying amusement to more people, we will aggressively build up casual online game platforms, combine mobile communications service and explore the scope of the non-hardcore market.


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