Along with quality content of online games and single-player games, every of our partners all over the world are satisfied with the services Userjoy has provided to them. Of course, these services are the key factors, which drive our potential opportunities working with more and more international companies on.

The Perfect Merge of our Games and Diverse Cultures

Among the partners of UserJoy, which range southward from South Korea and Japan to Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, the cultures of those countries are apparently different. However, combining with ideas from our licensees and our experienced technology, our games always get positive feedback from international players. That proves UserJoy not only conforms to market-oriented strategy but also work well with our partners to fit diverse cultures.

Prompt Technology Guidance

Userjoy provides to Licensees quality games as well as full technical consulting. If required, on-site support can be provided to the local partners. Long-term relationship is what we care most and is the goal Userjoy has looked for.

Stable System

Together with the adequate set of servers and other hardware allocation, stable system of our games brings the high quality of game, which all of our partners acclaim unanimously and makes them the unparalleled competitors in respective territories.

Unobstructed Communication

UserJoy always keep in close touch with the partner via online instant message, email, and phone etc. Every requirement and issue will be solved and satisfied as soon as we are notified, which supplies our licensees with ultimate flexibility to deal with contingencies.

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