Origin of The Legend of Three Kingdoms

@@Tracing back to long Chinese history, pieces at Three-kingdom times are those awe-inspiring and never faded.Inspired by the History of the Three Kingdoms, people appear extensively impressed by heroic stories of noted generals and gallant men, such as considerably brave Chang, Fay, provident Chou, Chou, and intelligent Chugou, Kongming.

@@The Legend of Three Kingdoms expects to recover the history on a vast scale, where players play as those historical persons, who may experience courageously charging million soldiers. In addition, players may lead personal army and execute military strategies to occupy the territories and to create the new three-kingdom history on their own.

About The Legend of Three Kingdoms

@@In response to modern and market trends, game designers of UserJoy spent numerous days to complete the online release of The Legend of Three Kingdoms; players may see some features of PC releases and role-playing functions are added for the online title.

@@Though the online title does not allow players to play the famous generals in Three-Kingdoms times, instead, they may create individual roles. Moreover, by means of the live communication with other players, they could form guild or armies and occupy the cities to be a king. It is never far away to realize the ambition of uniting all China.

Title Profile:

Release Area & Date :Taiwan(Apr. 2005), Mainland China(Jun. 2005),
Charge Methods: Subscription
Official Website: so.gameflier.com

System Requirements:

  • WindowsR System 98/ME/2000/XP OS
  • PIII 500 MHz CPU or better
  • 128 MB of RAM or more
  • 1024 768 resolution, 32-bit hi-color resolution
  • 1 GB or more of available hard drive space
  • 16 MB 3D graphics card or better
  • DirectXR 9.0 or above
  • Standard keyboard and mouse