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The Twin Heroes accompany you wandering in the Martial world
Would you like to melt Su, Ying’s indifference and arrogance? Or inspire Hwa, WuChe’s implicitness and tranquility? In game, you are always the major roles more than in the original novel.

This online game involves fresh quests and excitement of making friends or fall in love with the characters in the novel. In other words, you can invite them as your bodyguards, and marry with NPC in the game, forming the supplement between defense and attack. Without any doubts,whether you have eloquent ShouYuEr, irritable and prickly Fairy Chiang, Ching, or great 10 demons as your partners, their unparalleled skills will significantly promote players’ power.

All Martial styles for your learning without limitation
In The Twin Heroes Online, the concept about classes is flexible, where players may initiate from 3 classes with distinct specialties. After having learned to some extents, they may freely choose other classes to practice alternative professions.

Besides, in order to meet demands of players for more occupation choices, The Twin Heroes Online includes numerous NPC instructors who will coach players to utilize multiple unique skills once they complete quests or enhance capabilities. Players thus can easily overcome the limits among classes and cultivate a personalized character.
Want to become an eloquent and cunning businessman? Desire to learn Yan, NanTien’s GhiYi ShanKong to dominate the martial field? Those will not be dreams. In terms of freedom and abundance on martial classes, The Twin Heroes Online will bring players with flexibility of learning and game joys.

Surprising and funny quest designs
In addition to the mainlined quests and the subordinated ones, The Twin Heroes Online provides some plots to recall the fun in quest completion for both new and experienced players.
Wait! Some observant players may ask what the astonishing quests in Martial field will be. For that we have to veil it for a while. How to accumulate your qualification or how to trigger the event? Well, if it is easy to resolve, how is it called the astonishing quest? Players shall be alert to the implicit hints in the game. You have to be both qualified and lucky to encounter well-known Yan, NanTien.

Plentiful and Marvelous paper doll system
While players transfer among 6 martial classes, their dressing will be changed. Apart from that, the paper doll system in The Twin Heroes Online provides abundant items for dressing up, such as hair decorations, clothing, and mounts.
The exceptionally cute styling includes the lovely hair bun, Wei, ShouPow’s funny tiger-head hat, brave general’s helmet, KongTong flag or angle’s wings on the back, multiple mounts, free styled hair work, and colorful dyed hair, so changing and interesting.

Immensely popular and fascinating community designs
Will you feel lonely in playing online games? On the map fills with robots , but not men?
In The Twin Heroes Online there is exclusive design of attractive value, and players can rapidly accumulate the value through widely making friends online, mutually encouraging, or instructing beginners.
Do you want to bid for the monthly or seasonally limited embellishments? Would you like to trigger higher-level quests? Do you want heroes to be your companions? Are you eager to dominate the martial filed in the world of The Twin Heroes Online? The attractive values are definitely necessary.

Awards & Honors:

2005 GameStar Awards in Taiwan

“Game of the Year”


“Best Producer”

“Best Content Design”

“Best Art Design”

“Best Audio Effects”

“Best Customer Service”

“Favorite Game of the Year”