Angel Love Online


The young angles designated by God and particularly trained in the angle garden, comes to the earth to execute their quests in rescuing Eden. The lovely fantasy world is consisted of 4 unique kingdoms, and players can pickup one of them to devote to.

Especially created armors; paper dolls, riding mounts, pets with changing appearances; and free-chosen skills, makes this game never boring. The little casual games within and chatting room for making friends are alternatives besides leveling up.

In this product, hundreds of quest designs will get rid of tedious beating-monster style as seen in other online games. Virtual shopping mall provides better interest, expansion, and convenience for the game. Moreover, excited and competitive battle which takes place periodically teaches players how importance cooperation will be. The winner will enjoy specific reward and the honor of being ranked on the billboard.The gentle, cute and colorful style makes Angle Love Online distinguishing from other online games, leading the online game market with a different but loved tone.

Title Profile:

Expected CB in : Taiwan, Jun. 2006
Charge Methods: Item mall

System Requirements:

  • WindowsR System 95/98/ME/2000/XP OS
  • PIII 800 MHz CPU or better
  • 256 MB of RAM or more
  • VGA card with 32 MB RAM or better
  • 800 600 resolution, 16-bits hi-color mode
  • 650 MB or more of available hard drive space
  • DirectXR 8.0 or above